Hello everyone, I am Lindsey Stone the founder of Knotted Stone Soaps and Sundries. Knotted Stone started out with handmade laundry soap as a way to save my family money. The apartment complex that we lived in had over used washers and dryers. I was buying laundry soap, fabric softener, pre-treaters, color safe bleach, bleach for my whites, plus the cost of doing the laundry. I was spending over $300.00 a month. I thought there has to be a better way. I started looking and I found the handmade laundry soap. I purchased a DIY recipe from Ebay. I did not like the smell of the soap that came with the kit. This led me to do more research. I found the world of handmade soap. 

Due to my oldest sun Christian having behavioral issues. I felt that working with lye would be to dangerous.  I did the next best thing and found high quality handmade soaps, lotions and bath, bombs. I made a huge mistake at this point and sold them as my own soaps. I fallowed some really bad advice. I corrected the situation.  My products are made by me. They are made from scratch or from base. Such as melt and poor soap bases or lotion base. 

My family this the most is number 1 in my book. I would not be able to make all the wonderful products for you with out there support.  We are all knotted together. This is were our name comes from our family name is Stone and we are knotted together to make Knotted Stone. 

Knotted Stone is not back. I had to take a huge almost 2 year brake while having our youngest son Joey. I had health issues that made me have to put my family first. 


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